Shamanic Services

I offer many types of shamanic healing services as well as psychopomp work, land and home clearings, rites of passage ceremonies, apprenticeships/tutorials, shamanic counseling, and marriage ceremonies.

Shamanic Healing

I always work in concert with the compassionate helping spirits. Because of this, before I schedule a session with someone I journey to the compassionate helping spirits to ask how I can best help someone, shamanically. Then, we schedule a time, or several times, to do the work. I charge no fee for this initial journey to learn how we can best work together. My usual fee for healing work or teaching is $100. per healing or per teaching session.

Some of the forms of shamanic healing that I offer are soul retrieval, shamanic extraction, power animal retrieval, enchantment breaking, and healing with song.

Most shamanic healing work that I do can also be done long distance. Sometimes I am guided clearly by the compassionate spirits to work long distance with a client, sometimes distance and scheduling challenges make working long distance the most practical way for us to work. It is also often the best way to work with animals. I have had excellent results over the years with long distance healing, clearing, and psychopomp work, with people, places, and animals.

Soul Retrieval:
Soul Retrieval is a shamanic healing practice that involves a shamanic practitioner journeying on behalf of another to find and return any lost part of a person’s soul/divine essence that is ready to come back to help that person. Soul retrieval is necessitated by soul loss. Soul loss, from a shamanic perspective, is something that happens to us all from time to time as we go through life, especially as the result of traumatic experiences (physical, emotional, spiritual). Whenever we suffer or feel pain, part of us (that is part of our soul or divine essence), may leave in order to survive or avoid the trauma of whatever painful experience we happen to be going through. Often people who have experienced soul loss report feeling “not quite themselves,” or like “part of me feels missing,” or less energized in their day to day lives. Through soul retrieval, one is able to recover those parts of her or himself ready to return and to reap all of the benefits of being more spiritually whole.

Power Animal Retrieval:
Power Animals, Totem Animals, Animal Spirit Helpers are compassionate helping spirits that help us to survive. They bring us and enhance our vitality, health, protection, and well-being. From a shamanic perspective, we depend on them all our lives. They do, though, often come and go in and out of our lives, and any one of us may be connected with many Power Animals at any point or over the course of our lives. When we lose that connection to our Power Animal(s), this can manifest in our feeling like we have less energy than we usually do, or that we feel less resistant to illness, or we feel somehow less “empowered.” Receiving back a lost Power Animal that is willing to return to help can be spiritually empowering, invigorating, and rejuvenating.

Shamanic Extraction:
Shamanic Extraction, like Soul Retrieval and Power Animal Retrieval, is a classic form of shamanic healing. Shamanic Extraction involves the removal of spiritual intrusions that may be causing pain, discomfort, or even recurring physical illness in a person. Intrusions may also lead a person to feel as though her or his soul is somehow blocked or prevented from expressing itself fully. Spiritual intrusions, as I have come to understand them, are displaced energy, angry thoughts, energy looking for a warm place to dwell. Intrusions can come from angry and hurtful words or thoughts, the “evil eye,” and just the energetic and spiritual crossfire that we encounter in our daily lives. If we are not spiritually “power-filled,” we can be more vulnerable to taking on intrusions. When we become run-down spiritually or energetically, not filled with our own soul or spiritual power, intrusions can be drawn to us as hosts. Intrusions can be removed by a shamanic practitioner. In my practice and in the way that I have learned extraction healing, I do not destroy intrusions (they are rarely evil or malevolent). I and my Power Animals deliver the intrusions to where they can be gently neutralized and find where they need to be. In short, my work is all about healing.

Releasing of Enchantments:
Spells, negative and limiting words, anything one experiences that restricts one’s soul in some way can cast an enchantment that can block a person’s soul from expressing itself fully. Working with the power of the elements and an ancient story, a client and I work shamanically and in concert with the compassionate spirits to lift the enchantment restricting that client’s soul.

Healing With Song:
Song, rhythm, sound are powerful and can move us to feel any and all feelings, and can energize us profoundly. Songs and singing can heal, empower, inspire, and cleanse us. In song healing work, I work in concert with the helping spirits to find sounds, songs, and rhythms to help a client to heal what needs healing, release what needs releasing, and to fill her or him with their own personal power or a deeper connection to his or her own soul.

Other Services

Another classic, time-honored shamanic practice is to serve as a Psychopomp. A psychopomp is a guide of the soul of one who has died, someone who helps that soul reach the spirit world, world of the dead, or afterlife.

Land and space clearing and blessing:
Many people, when moving into a new space and onto new land, feel that they want to clear any complicated energy that may remain from its previous human inhabitants, to bless their new home and the land it sits upon, and to encourage health and harmony within, between, and among all beings who dwell there. I do this work, as I do all other shamanic work, in concert with the helping spirits. In clearings and blessings, I also work in concert with landowners to create and enact ceremonies for clearing, blessing, harmonizing, and protecting place and home.

Ceremonies and Rites of Passage:
Marriages, significant birthdays, endings, new beginnings, welcoming children into a family and into this world are all moments of powerful change in our lives whose power can be more deeply felt and understood through ceremony created in concert with the compassionate spirits.

Shamanic Counseling:
Often times, the spiritual work most helpful to someone is to embark on a shamanic journey for oneself to seek answers to important questions or insight into pressing dilemmas. I, as shamanic practitioner, guide a client in forming questions that are likely to yield fruitful answers from the compassionate spirits, create sacred space for a client to journey, and hold that space so that a client may journey as deeply as he or she needs to.

Seeking answers to questions, solutions to dilemmas, or simply increased understanding of something is another classic shamanic practice. Divination involves consulting with the compassionate spirits to divine, discover, and discern what we seek to know.

Apprenticeships and Tutorials:
I also work with individuals who would like to learn to journey shamanically, to deepen their personal shamanic practice (if someone already has experience journeying), or to train someone in shamanic healing practices that he or she may use in working with others. As with all of my other shamanic work, I always work in concert with and as guided by the compassionate helping spirits. This is the only way that I work.