Workshops, Sponsorships, and Gatherings

I offer occasional workshops in Shamanism, sponsor Nan Moss teaching Foundation for Shamanic Studies' workshops in the Boston area, and host gatherings like our monthly shamanic drumming circle. Below are descriptions of some of the workshops that I offer and the dates of those currently scheduled.

Weather Shamanism
A Spiritual Path of Personal Growth and Global Healing (Level 1)
This introduction to Weather Shamanism - a form of spiritual ecology - is an invitation, a call to any who are curious, who care about where our world may be heading, and who sincerely wish to safeguard the viability of our planet. Weather shamanism is not about controlling the weather. It is about Power, but not "power-over." Shamans are healers, and our goal in this workshop is to heal our relationship with weather. Through journeying and ceremony, we work with the Spirits of Weather directly to find out what they can teach us, what they want from us, and how we can all work together to help the world return to a path of balance and well-being. Many of us feel a strong kinship with and love for the weather. If this relationship is consciously nurtured and developed in service to greater balance and harmony, then we can offer healings that are essential to our times.

This workshop is the introductory workshop for Down to Earth: The Shaman’s Circle’s multi-leveled program in Weather Shamanism. For more information about this program, please visit their web site,

Ongoing Shamanic Practice
This class meets once per week for six meetings. Each meeting is two-and-a-half hours. In this course, participants will learn and practice ways to deepen and develop their personal shamanic practice, and they will do this within a shamanic community.

Shamanism and the souls of the deceased
In this workshop, participants will increase their understanding of the spiritual landscape of death and develop their relationship with compassionate helping spirits who will guide them in this work. As part of this class, we will also use our growing skills to do this work together.

Apprenticeships and Tutorials

I also work with individuals who would like to learn to journey shamanically, to deepen their personal shamanic practice (if someone already has experience journeying), or to train someone in shamanic healing practices that he or she may use in working with others. As with all of my other shamanic work, I always work in concert with and as guided by the compassionate helping spirits. This is the only way that I work.

Monthly Shamanic Drumming Circle

On the fourth Friday of each month, I facilitate a circle for shamanic practitioners from 7:15 – 9:30 p.m. This circle is open to anyone who has experience journeying shamanically. We usually meet at The Yoga Studio in Millis, MA, and the cost, to pay for the rental of the space, is $10 or lower, depending on how many people come. Occasionally (usually at least once a year), we meet outdoors, and sometimes (depending on holidays) we meet on the third or fifth Friday.

Monthly Drumming circle
4th Friday of the Month ~ 7:15-9:30 pm
The Yoga Studio, Millis, MA
~ Less than $10


I also sponsor Nan Moss, a faculty member of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, to teach workshops in the Boston area. Currently scheduled for November 9-10, 2013 is The Way of the Shaman: The Shamanic Journey, Power and Healing: The Basic Workshop of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies (FSS) and for December 7-8, 2013 is Core Soul Retrieval Training (a new FSS advanced weekend workshop).

For additional information and how to register, please click on the following (please note the additional prerequisites for Core Soul Retrieval Training):

The Way of the Shaman ~ November 12, 13, 2016
Shamanic Dreamwork ~ December 3, 4, 2016

These workshops may also be found listed in the FSS calendar on the FSS web site (, and on Down to Earth’s web site (

Contact Dave Perry for more information or to register.